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It is our intent to give every customer that schedules a call with this company the highest level of care, but most importantly the service that we would give our 89 year old grandmother. Every licensed electrician that works for It's Electric attends weekly training in order to be on top of the latest technology, code changes, and best practices. If you ever feel that you are not completely satisfied with your visit please let us know and we will be sure to address the problem immediately, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us the opportunity to earn your business. Thank you


We can add: 
Recessed (Can) Lighting

Trac Lights

Ceiling Fans

Under Cabinet Lights

Outdoor/Landscape Lighting


Home Theater Wiring/Installation

TV and Phone Wiring

Do you need to consider:
Service Upgrades

Change-out Federal Pacific Panel

GFCI Protection

Grounds on Plugs

Smoke/CO Detectors

Surge Protection



Hot Tub Circuits

A/C Circuits

Electric Water Heaters

Washer/Dryer Circuits

Steam Shower Circuits

Basement Finishes

There are many reasons you should call It's Electric for your electrical services. Of course there's the fact that you will save time by having us install electrical components like your Outdoor Landscape Lighting fixtures, or your lighting dimmers and switches. However, in addition to saving time by calling us you will also eliminate the risks involved with installing these fixtures. 

Whenever you are dealing with electricity the proper measurements and safety precautions should be taken. Electrical hazards exist not only in the installation of electrical devices, but also if your device isn't installed properly then using the device could pose an electrical hazard to your family members and others who visit your home in the future. 

With our years of experience in serving New York with electrical installations and other electrical services It's Electric knows how to save you time, get the job done without any safety hazards to you or your family, and leave the place looking nice and clean.

Contact It's Electric today to schedule a time for us to visit and give you a free estimate.